String Art

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One of our unique products include String Art which consist of various colored strings placed in such a way to create geometrical abstract designs. All the designs are handmade thus each piece has a uniqueness to it. Below are some of the designs

Clinical Orange

"Clinical Orange String"

is the name I have given to this piece of art which consist of a 30 x 30 cm press wood board.

Meticulously placed nails which are entwined by string in black, white and grey.

The board and nails are coated in orange with a subtle blending of black in the corners.

The artwork is mounted on a 50 x 50 cm frame and covered by a glass panel.

The String Art is handmade with special attention given to detail and precision.

Creation date December 2014

CHF 85.00 

excluding shipping costs

Contact us for more details on the following available pieces.

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