Measuring Guide

If you want to make sure you are ordering the correct size collar you can follow the easy steps below.

GENERAL:  The collars of Vonique Design should sit comfortable for your 4-legged friends, but please make sure that you choose the collar circumference not too lose (especially in dogs with short, smooth coats) as the collars may slip over your dog`s ears when their head are lowered

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Collar Measurement Guide

Take a tape measure and measure your dog's neck at the point where the collar is seated.  If you do not have a tape measure at hand, you can use a piece of string.  Keep the measuring tape or cord around the neck of your dog, to ensure a comfortable fit place one to two fingers between the tape measure and the dog's neck.  This is the circumference of your dog's collar, use this measurement when ordering your collar.

The collar shown below is an example, it has a Length (collar circumference) of 30 cm:  If you do not have a Collar, please proceed as above.  

Measure the exact neck size of your dog (Recommendation 1 finger distance between the Neck of the dog and the tape measure).  To ensure the collar is loose around the neck of your 4-Legged friend, when you are not walking him/her on a leash.

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