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Our little English Bulldog named Alice inspired us to make custom designed dog collars, leashes and toys. Being new dog owners we spent a lot of money oncollars and toys but we never found the right products for our little girl. Then one day we made it ourselves and our business just evolved from there. We just love the flexibility of making whatever we like and make it how we like it....no compromising on buying something that is not quite what we are looking for.

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 Product Information

Accessories - General Information

Dog Collars, Leashes and accessories are hand made and measure for your 4-legged friends... special requests welcome.

Below are a list of Dog Collars that can be ordered from us and sent to your location:

Paracord:  We use 550 Paracord 7 Strand Core, it is lightweight core sheath of nylon rope.  The rope has a sheath of closely interconnected interwoven threads of different colours.

Paracord is characterised by its high tensile strength (Breaking load 249.48kg) and the ability to resist the elements of the weather.  Moreover, the material causes no allergic reactions, it is durable and washable (at 30 degrees) and fast drying.

Bio-thane:  Bio-thane consists of a polyester fabric which is covered with a mixture of various plastics.  Bio-thane is a registered US patent.  The material is more durable and longer lasting than leather and absolutely waterproof.  

Bio-thane has the look and feel of leather and provides exceptional grip and strength.  It outperform real leather in durability, especially in adverse weather conditions.  Soft in the hand even in the hardest conditions.

Bio-thane is characterised by its high dimensional stability and tensile strength.  The material does not soaks up water and remains lightweight and flexible even in sub-zero temperatures.  In addition Bio-thane is UV resistant, anti-bacterial and mold-free.  Thus it does not absorb bacteria and odours.

Buckles -  You have the option of:

  • curved buckles (10mm, 17mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm)

  • safety curved buckles (17mm, 20mm, 25mm)

  • metal curved buckles (17mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm).

O-Rings - welded stainless steel rings

D-Rings - welded stainless steel rings

Carabiners (Snap hooks) - Spring Release, nickel plated die-cast zinc.

Important:  While our collars are very durable any collar will eventually wear out. Please be responsible and check your pet's collar and leash regularly for signs of wear and tear. Vonique Design`s collars are not intended to be worn by your pet while they are tied in/out or unsupervised.

You as the customer are responsible for determining the suitability of any of the items sold by Vonique Design for your individual situation and assume all responsibility and liability by purchasing these products.

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